What is Search Engine Optimization?

When you rank on top for your business's best keywords you feel like a winner. But did you know many business owners can be winners if they pick the right keyword strategy? There are many variations and rarely does a business cover the whole spectrum fro your niche. A good amount of natural traffic can be coming in free of charge. So it's important to choose your words carefully, contact us for a free keyword analysis. You should also start thinking in terms of overall qualified traffic from organic search, not just high rankings. "Qualified traffic = Leads = Sales." SEO is a cornerstone for internet marketing because it's a long term solution designed to get you "free" clicks based upon relevant search terms for your industry and location(s). Smart phone/mobile users are becoming the web's search leaders, so optimizing for these devices is now a crucial part of our method. Let's look at the infographic below for some key factors how it's all done:

How Google Determines Where to Rank Your Website
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1stBay is successful because we understand the process is both a science and an art whereby optimizing site code, design and content rich text makes your site more relevant to automated search bots that crawl the internet. When you become more authoritative to the automated web crawlers for specific keyword phrases your customers type in you go up in rank and become more popular. When you receive this kind of qualified traffic to your site it will increase your ROI.

florida seoSearch engine optimization leverages the playing field.

It is not uncommon for our clients to find out their "real world" competition is much different from their online competition. As a Florida SEO we occasionally get to meet our clients face to face. When they look online at their competition the expression on their faces is priceless! Most of our clients have never heard of some of their top online competitors until they see them online with their own two eyes by typing different keyword phrases. This is obviously a problem. Knowing what your competition is doing for their Search Engine Marketing will be key. Being on top of the internet in the cities you operate requires local search engine optimization, Local SEO.

  • Analysis of your website

Before you start your SEO or search engine optimization campaign you may need to be prepped before surgery. Our professional staff of experts will do a thorough analysis from top to bottom starting at your hosting server and then analyze your website's code from the ground up, directory/navigation structure. 404 error pages, site content, etc to ensure your site will reap the rewards of an extended SEO campaign for years to come. Florida SEO, 1stBay has proprietary tools for search engine optimization including special tools that dig deep in your competitors marketing strategies on site, off site and at the hosting server.

  • Keyword Research, Performance & Analysis

Targeting the wrong SEO keywords for your industry's search engine optimization would be detrimental to the effectiveness of your campaign. Many of our clients are greatly surprised by the different keywords used by their customers. 1stBay a Florida SEO leader understands conversions play an important factor when choosing keyword phrases. Certain keywords will be "research keywords" while other keywords are "buying keywords" your customers will type in when they are ready to purchase now. For instance, your search engine optimization campaign could include research keywords for blogs which in turn will lead them to your money making site which would be optimized with buying keyword phrases.

  • SEO Strategy and Development Processflorida seo company

Contrary to promises made by those other Florida SEO firms, there is no "Magic Anecdote" for immediate rankings. We will research your website and your competitions' sites to strategize the most likely method for bringing you the most qualified traffic- this may include a team of over 100 experts in our field, from content copywriters to website designers, to hard coders and Project Managers within the search engine optimization field.  We only employ "white hat" SEO techniques- after all, an authoritative and popular site does you no good at all if you get banned from Google! there are no shortcuts but the process is proven if you stick with it.

  • Hierarchy Optimization Technique & Strategy

Many sites have been built modularly for easy future modifications. All these different components must flow together for your SEO campaign to be a success. Your websites hierarchy will be analyzed to ensure spiders that crawl it can easily rank it for relevance based on your objectives.

  • Benchmarking, Reporting The Facts

Unlike merely all our competitors, Florida SEO company 1stBay can report to you twice a month.  This ongoing benchmarking report allows you to have complete control over your SEO campaign- this way you are kept in the loop with what 1stBay is doing to increase your rankings. 1stBay is a Florida SEO company that understands both national and local search markets. We have clients in Alabama top ranked because the search engine optimization algorithms for how people search online are the same no matter which geographic location you operate in.




  • Discover how to rank higher naturally
  • Google Places/Maps optimization
  • How to rank better across all search engines
  • Best practices based on your industry.

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"We are extremely pleased with our website and its performance. As a result from our website development with 1stBay, our website is more findable on search engines and we have achieved front- page listings on Google and Yahoo for several of our top industry keyword terms."
- Daly Aluminum


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