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Web Design pricesDo you plan on staying in business the next 3-5 years? Do you know how to calculate ROI from SEO? Is your website traffic stagnant or increasing each year? One way to increase conversions and ROI is by targeting long tail keywords using content marketing. We will initiate a custom SEO plan based upon your budget and goals to create the most aggressive, search engine optimization campaign. We offer "white-hat" SEO for long-term results that should yield returns for years to come. We know how to execute aggressive campaigns to beat your competition through an analysis which we will show you. See real data about your online competition and learn their online strategy. What are their highest converting keywords? What sites are back linking to them? We can formulate your specific strategy based upon an extensive competition analysis, look behind the scenes and discover niches that will be profitable for you. What SEO factors rank a page?

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We will create a stunning responsive web design for your business to help increase conversions for e-commerce, lead generation, calls and more. With responsive smart phone and tablet optimization you can convert leads to sales no matter what device your prospect is using to access your site. With today's smart phones and mobile apps there are even more new ways consumers will be finding you online. Also check out our our new SEO campaign pricing. Testimonials


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SEO, Web Design, Smart Phone Apps and High-Conversion Search Engine Marketing is our specialty. We'll put together the right formula for your business to maximize ROI and gain internet market share.

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PPC Management Strategy & Keywords

Looking for ways to increase conversions? Google Re-targeting is an option using Adwords. E-commerce stores, company websites, local businesses can get instant results with PPC. The cornerstone of search engine optimization and SEO for any internet advertising campaign involves the right formula according to your specific industry. As a Florida SEO we work with local businesses and national companies to save them money through pay per click advertising and creating higher conversions for our clients. Every industry is unique and so the formula must be tweaked to get the best results for your particular business. Don't assume what works online for your friend's dental practice will be equally effective for your boat dealership. A great way to increase conversions, e-commerce and local or national search.

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Florida PPC Management
Social Media Marketing | Facebook Marketing | Twitter Marketing

How are you actually building a meaningful following of evangelists for your company that will promote your business? How are your conversions to sales with e-commerce. With SMM many increase conversions, e-commerce stores use twitter to push for e-commerce conversions. How are you engaging your Twitter audience? To increase conversions e-commerce sites use Facebook too. Facebook boasts over 1 billion active members.

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Video Marketing | YouTube Marketing

Upon publishing this page YouTube is currently the 3rd most visited website in the world (Alexa) and there are tons of other sites like it climbing to the top. Do you think some of your customers go on YouTube? Of course they do. Many of your customers research YouTube and these other video sites before purchasing your products and services. In fact, we'll go one step further by saying not having a strong Video Marketing presence is costing you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in sales because your business is not capitalizing off this traffic. Go look for your own company's products or services on YouTube, it doesn't take much imagination to see how getting these people to take action will create a high quality sales lead or easy conversion. 1stBay has performed hundreds of video marketing campaigns since 2004. We consider this one of our strongest areas of expertise for search engine optimization and SEO.

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